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ClearCode 1.3

  • Publisher:Nick Mokhnatov
  • Version:1.3
  • Operation System:Windows
  • License:Free to try
  • File Size:976.56K

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ClearCode 1.3Description

ClearCode is a source code analysis tool. It is language-independent regexp-based tool that examines your source code for common rules or your own project-specific rules.
How ClearCode works:
ClearCode uses regular expressions (also known as "regexps") to examine source code for dangerous code. Each project manager knows many rules for source code that specified only for his project. This program shows you "dangerous" code fragment. And you may fix it from built-in editor. ClearCode checks the whole folder and all sub-folders recursively.
This application is very useful for project managers and/or project builders. ClearCode will allow you to look at the wrong code fragment and fix it in seconds.

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